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The Bayesian Conspiracy

The Bayesian Conspiracy is a multinational, interdisciplinary, and shadowy group of scientists. It is rumored that at the upper levels of the Bayesian Conspiracy exist nine silent figures known only as the Bayes Council.

This blog is produced by James Durbin, a Bayesian Initiate.

Create/open OmniOutliner notebooks from command line.

I like to use OmniOutliner as a lab notebook, and I like to be able to create/open notebooks from the command line. The OS X 'open' command will open an existing file, but I didn't see any obvious way to run OmniOutliner from the command line and tell it to create a new file. So I created an empty OmniOutliner file and dropped in ~/Documents/template, then wrote a little script to copy that template and open it if it doesn't exist, or open the pre-existing file if it does. Simple and effective.

#!/usr/bin/env groovy 
* A simple little script to open up a file in OmniOutliner
* creating a default file if the file does not already exist.
* Run it like:
* omni newNotebook

def omniFile
if (args[0].contains(".oo3")){
omniFile = args[0]
omniFile = "${args[0]}.oo3"

// Get our home directory..
env = System.getenv()
home = env['HOME']

// If there is no omni outline file there, copy a template over...
if (!(new File(omniFile).exists())){
"cp -r $home/Documents/templates/OOTemplate.oo3/ ${omniFile}".execute()

// Open the desired file..
"open ${omniFile}".execute()

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